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Packing & Loading

It becomes imperative to pack the goods extremely safe and compact to make sure that they reach in perfect condition up till the client place.

Standard Tiles are packed in carton boxes and then in wooden crates

Slabs are divided by nylon between each slab to avoid scratching

2cm Slabs / 12 Slabs per bundle this one is not sure

3cm Slabs / 8 Slabs per bundle this one is not sure

Cut to size jobs are packed according to clients request

The crate is the finally shrink wrapped with plastic so that no foreign substance can enter inside the crate.

Below you will see the different wooden crate sizes and styles of packing we do for different types of stones.

Standard Tiles are packed in carton boxes and are further packed into wooden crate. Polythene wrapper is made to cover the entire material inside the wooden crate. Wooden Crate is fixed and tightened by iron strips or nylon shrink covers.

(A) 300×300×10MM: 10pcs/ carton, 36cartons/crate (32.40M2/crate),

(B) 305×305×10MM (12×12×3/8"):10pcs/carton; 36cartons/crate (33.49M2/crate)

(C) 305×305×12MM (12×12×1/2"):8pcs/carton; 36cartons/crate (26.79M2/crate),

(D) 400×400×10MM (16×16×3/8"):6pcs/carton, 30cartons/crate (28.8M2/crate)

(E)400×400×12MM(16×16×1/2"):5pcs/carton;30cartons/crate(24M2/crate), (F)457×457×10mm(18×18×3/8"):6pcs/carton,24cartons/crate((30.07M2/crate (G)457×457×12mm(18×18×1/2"):5pcs/carton,24cartons/crate((25.06M2/crate (H)300×600×13MM:152pcs/crate(27.36M2/crate), (I)300×600×15MM:132pcs/crate(23.76M2/crate), (J)600×600×20MM:50pcs/crate(18M2/crate)

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